Compressor Making Loud Noise

Compressor Making Loud Noise

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If you are Googling “Air Compressor Noise“, “Compressor Making Weird Noise” or “Air Compressor Making Rattling Noise“, this post should help clarify why and offer solutions to get your air compressor working quieter again. While reciprocating air compressors aren’t known for being whisper quiet, if they suddenly are making a lot more noise there might be a problem.  Check these four common issues that might cause new and louder air compressor operation.

Why Air Compressors Make Loud Noises

There are a few reasons why air compressors make loud noises. Sometimes it is a really simple problem that takes less than a minute to fix while others might require repair.

Loose Mounting

When air compressors are installed they are leveled on a sturdy base and anchored in place.  Sometimes vibration pads get out of place, become worn, or go missing. The bolts holding the air compressor down can also become loose and might just need to be tightened.

Parts Are Loose

If the parts inside your air compressor are loose, it will make a lot of noise.  You should check to see if your cooler, pulleys, clamps, flywheel, belt, or any other accessories are loose and need to be tightened.  

Crankcase Issues

Your crankcase may be the source of the noise and might need oil, new bearings, or might need to be replaced entirely.  Check to make sure its bolted in tightly and if that doesn’t fix it, call for service.  There are times where you might just need to fill up the crankcase oil, and others where you’ll have to replace the crankcase itself.

Compressor Is Vibrating

If your compressor is excessively vibrating there’s a chance you just need to tighten some bolts or tighten a belt.  Other problems that cause vibration include misaligned flywheels and pulleys, the compressor not being mounted properly, or a bent crankcase. 

Piston Issues

If the pistons are dirty there is a chance they can hit the valve plate.  To fix this you will need to take the cylinder head out, ensure it’s clean, and then put it back in with a new gasket.

While many air compressors are either installed outside the shop or in a semi-remote corner if the noise gets out of hand it can become difficult to work around.  Not only will it be a nuisance but excessive noise is a sign that something isn’t right with your air compressor and something needs to be repaired.  It’s best to catch problems when they are small to avoid costly and extensive repairs or needing to completely replace your air compressor.

AC Compressor Noises That Need Immediate Attention

There are different noises that come out of air compressors that you need to listen for.  Each of them point to different possible air compressor repair options.  Read through our list of noises your air compressor might be making and get in touch with our air compressor technicians for repair.

Bubbling or Hissing

If you hear bubbling or hissing it points to a refrigerant leak.  If it is just bubbling and hissing the leak is smaller and likely in the lines.  If it is louder and just hissing the leak is likely larger.  Either way if your system is losing refrigerant it will use more energy and eventually stop working.

Rattling Noises

If you hear a rattling sound it can point to AC compressors mounts that have become loose.  The internal mounts hold the motor and if they are loose it is actually free to move around inside the compressor can.

Banging Noises 

If you hear a banging in your AC compressor there is likely a loose component or part such as a piston pin or connecting rod.  In many cases the cost of repairing this issue is so close to or higher than buying a new one that they are simply replaced.

Humming Noises 

If your AC compressor makes a humming noise or is hard to start there’s a chance it is  low on oil.  A humming noise can also point to a bad starting capacitor.  If your compressor just hums but doesn’t start there is a chance that the compressor motor has seized.

Clicking Noises 

When you hear clicking noises in your ac compressor the cause is likely the relays or controls that are trying to initiate parts of your system, but fail and just click.  To repair this issue some relays might need replacing or the control unit might need repair or replacement.

Hissing Noises

When your system is hissing loudly and sounds like screaming it a serious sign of excessive pressure.  If you hear anything that resembles this, you need to call for AC compressor servicer immediately. Excessive pressure puts strain on all the components in your system and can lead to leaks.

Rumbling or Ticking

Most of the other sounds we’ve listed are specific problems with or in the AC compressor.  If you hear a rumbling or ticking sound there may be other parts of your HVAC system which have come in contact with your AC Compressor and are making these noises. 

Need Help Repairing Air Compressor Noises?

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