Air Compressor Troubleshooting, Problems & Solutions

Air Compressor Troubleshooting, Problems & Solutions

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If you are searching for “air compressor troubleshooting” or “air compressor problems and solutions“, this post should help!  

Compressor will not start

This topic has been thoroughly covered in this post here titled “Air Compressor Won’t Turn On” but for now we will just give a simple explanation. If your compressor will not start it may be a simple issue like not having any electricity to the compressor. However, it could be something more complicated like a pressure switch not contacting properly or a low oil issue or even that the compressor is not reaching the correct pressure level.

Noisy Compressor

As with the previous topic we have covered this issue extensively in another post titled “Compressor Making Loud Noise”.  This issue can be something simple like a loose mount or a compressor vibrating parts loose that need to be retightened. Or it could be something more time consuming like a crankcase needs replacement or just some extra oil but I could also be something with piston and the cylinder head will need to be replaced due to wear and tear.

Oil in discharged air

This may a be a sign that your compressor needs replacement piston rings or cylinder which should be apparent by performing a visual inspection. Sometimes this is a simpler issue like an air intake blocked or the oil viscosity is incorrect or possibly excessive oil that needs to be drained.

Excessive oil consumption

When an air compressor uses too much oil there could be a few reasons for this ranging from an oil leak to the compressor vibrating too much or using the wrong oil viscosity. It could also be a sign that a compressor needs a tune up by changing worn piston rings or a scored cylinder or possibly a filter needs to be replaced.

Pressure builds slowly

As you can tell by the previous issues most of these can be solved with preventative maintenance and regular care of your air compressor. This is some of the same possible issues with similar problems as a dirty air filter needing to be replaced or a belt that needs to be tightened due to an air leak. However, this is a chance that these issues will require more than basic care like replacing a blown head gasket or replacing worn pressure valves and possibly the wrong size pulley resulting in the wrong belt tension.

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