Air Compressor Won’t Turn On

Air Compressor Won’t Turn On

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If you are searching for the phrases air compressor won’t turn on or air compressor won’t start; this post should help clarify why and offer solutions to get your air compressor working again.  The reason your air compressor won’t turn on may be a number of different problems.  This troubleshooting guide will help you go step by step to figure out what’s wrong. 

There are a few reasons that the air compressor sits quietly doing nothing.  Sometimes it is a really simple problem that takes less than a minute to fix while others might require repair.

1. Not Plugged In

It’s all too easy for someone to trip over a cord or cleaning staff to leave your air compressor unplugged.  Some companies also unplug their air compressors overnight and might forget to plug it in the next day.

2. Not Enough Oil

Air compressors rely on oil to operate properly, just like your car.  If the oil isn’t check and kept at the manufacturer’s specifications it can spell disaster for your air compressor.  Check the oil and make sure there is enough.

3. Power Switch Problems

Occasionally the automatic run sensor fail to turn the compressor on to replenish the compressed air.  This can be a problem with the inner circuits and sometimes adjusting the pressure can resolve the issue.

4. Pressure Switch Problems

If your pressure switch isn’t working the tank will not fill with pressurized air. To test this either use a multimeter to measure if power is going to the motor if you’re hearing a click in the pressure switch under low pressure.  You can also unplug your compressor or shut off the breaker going to it.  Next allow all the pressure to be released from the tank until it reaches zero.  Then close up the air release drain valve.  Remove the cover over the pressure switch so you can listen for it to click on and off.  Have a helper turn the power back on and listen for a clicking sound or some movement.  

When pressure is low the switch should sense this and click into place to direct power to the compressor motor.  If you’re not hearing this click there’s a chance that the pressure switch needs to be replaced. 

5. Low Tank Pressure

There are times where the pressure isn’t as high as needed for certain types of applications.  This can be resolved by replacing the pressure switch that has a reduced cut in.

When everyone shows up, picks up their tools, and nothing works because the air compressor isn’t working it can be a big shock.  While your air compressor might need repair there are lots of times the issues are something as simple as forgetting to plug it back in, a breaker switch, lack of oil, or other simple fix.

6. Blown Fuse or Tripped Breaker

When an air compressor is causing an electrical fault a fuse will blow or it will trip the breaker system.  If that’s happened there is no electricity going to your air compressor.  Some air compressors have reset switches while others will have in-line fuses that need to be checked.  To find them follow the line of power from the air compressor back to the outlet.  If you find a blown fuse or tripped breaker go ahead and either replace the fuse or reset the breaker.  

If your system starts up but shuts down again because of a fuse or breaker then you can be sure your air compressor has an electrical problem.  Potential issues that cause electrical problems include: an overloaded or failing motor, a pressure switch that is shorted out, or you have a bad start capacitor.  

Air Compressor Won’t Turn On?  Let Our Air Compressor Experts Help!

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