How To Fix An Industrial Air Compressor?

How To Fix An Industrial Air Compressor?

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How To Fix An Industrial Air Compressor?


Here are three helpful Do-It-Yourself tips to fix an industrial air compressor. Any sorts of issues can and will typically fall under these labels. The three sources are maintaining power, pressure, and controlling the flow of the compressed air. Here are professional insights on how to repair any issues that may arise.


Do It Yourself (DIY) Repair for Your Air Compressor

Three main fixes that you can do yourself very easily are listed below. Most of the malfunctions you may encounter fall under these three categories. Just be sure that you understand that your high-pressure compressor has the possibility of combusting. If you feel uncomfortable fixing the compressor, call a professional for guidance and help with the reparation.

Adjusting Your Compressor Air Flow

Remove your plastic covering from the top of your air compressor. Remove the screws that sit on the top of your air compressor. Lift your covering so you may remove the two extra screws that sit under the air compressor which lay on your pressure-maintaining valve.

The screws above the compressor turn it off, whereas the ones underneath will turn it on.

Tighten the screws to increase pressure, and/or loosen screws to release any pressure. Fire up the pressure release valve and review what the compressor says when it starts up.

Adjust the lower screw and figure out the optimal settings. Once optimal settings are found for your air compressor, finish the repair by covering the valve compressor back up with cover and screws.

Restoring The Power Back Into Your Air Compressor

If your air compressor does not start or turn on, try to utilize the reset button. This button is typically located on the motor, near the power cord area.

Look for a red or black button. Press the button to restart the motor and circuit.

Try to plug your air compressor into a different outlet. Inspect that the breaker has not been tripped or anything causing electricity not to flow. Remove the plug and test other outlets that may work. Try to remove the extension cords and any other plugs.

If your compressor still has issues flipping on, you will need to have a professional come out and review the air compressor.

Repair Any Air Compressor Leaks

Start this process by unplugging everything, tools and hoses. Fire up your compressor so it starts to charge again.

Create a sort of soapy solution and pour this around your fittings on the air compressor. Be aware of any bubbles forming – this means there is a leak amidst.

Turn your air compressor off and relieve the pressure within the tank.

Remove your fittings where you had seen the bubbles forming. Use any sort of Teflon tape on the threads of your fittings. 

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