Frequently Asked Air Compressor Questions

How often should we change the oil in our compressor?

Maintenance intervals vary depending on usage & environmental conditions.  A compressor that runs 1 shift per day 5 days a week in a cool clean environment will have a different schedule than one that runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week in a hot, dirty environment.  We can help customize a schedule through oil sampling and on site evaluation that will provide an economical solution with our compromising the units reliability.

When should I replace the air intake filter?

If your compressor has an Air Intake Filter, it should be cleaned on a weekly basis (assuming you are using the compressor about 3 days a week). When the filter starts to develop debris that is becoming harder to clean out, or you notice any tears or holes in the filter, the filter should be replaced.

What happens if there is water in my lines?

Generally this is caused by two problems – either a failed condensate trap or a failed or undersized air compressor dryer. To solve the first problem, you will need to either clean the water trap or simply replace it. The second problem is a bit trickier, as you would need to repair or replace your air dryer with something larger (unfortunately, this can be a bit pricy).

How often should I service my compressor?

This answer depends on how often you run your compressor. If you are running your compressor occasionally, then annual service would be fine. If you are running your compressor routinely, then quarterly service may be needed.

My pump sounds like it is pumping gravel. What is causing that noise?

It is likely cavitation. Cavitation means that cavities or bubbles are forming in the liquid being pumped. Symptoms of cavitation include excessive noise and vibration and loss of capacity, pressure and efficiency. Cavitation can cause damage to the pump. Solutions include changing the operational parameters or even replacing your pump with a pump better suited to the application.

If I put a bigger motor on my pump, will it pump more?

No. The amount of water and the pressure (head) that a centrifugal pump produces is related to the rotational speed, impeller diameter and size of the impeller vanes.

Why can I purchase A unit cheaper online?

The last time we checked it is still not possible to email a technician to your facility.  Everything we sell comes with the support of our factory trained technicians.  Ask yourself this, will the internet seller visit your location to help properly size your equipment and offer suggestions to select the right equipment the first time?