Compressed Air Applications

Compressed Air Applications

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If you’re searching the web for compressed air applications this post will help you understand the applications for compressed air. You are able to find an air compressor in a variety of locations, being used for very different ways. Though you may inflate your tires of the gas station air compressor, the tire shop down the road is using their air compressor accessories to remove tires. Some artists use their air-brushes powered by a compact compressor that sits atop their desk. You can even find a gas-powered air compressor powered jackhammer and concrete compactor at construction sites.

As said before your experiences with air compressors has most likely varied, even in ways you haven’t noticed such as the HVAC system at the local arena.

There are a great many different uses for an air compressor, whether it be in your businesses or homes, in order to accomplish whatever job or task you are set on completing. Since there are so many different uses for the compressed air pressure, there is surely to be some uses left out of this tightly composed list that we have organized to help educate you on the different uses of air compressors.

Different jobs call for different styles of air compressors, and though you will find that there are a multitude of different compressors (Size and power supply), the majority follow two main designs. Rotary screw air compressors, or reciprocating piston compressors.

Within these two different designs, you will discover a variety of different models that offer a vast range of pressure. From low pressure that is suitable to inflating a bicycle tire, to heavy-duty pressurized air that can grant a constant and dependable pressurized air system for a manufacturing plant or facility.

Air Compressor Grades

However, you are probably more familiar with the reciprocating piston designs unless you work in manufacturing or industrial settings. Even then, you may not have seen every variation of the reciprocating piston air compressor. Horizontal or vertical tanks that can be either single cylinder or double. They are often portable in design with wheels for moving them easier. There are stationary models available.

There are three many classifications that air compressors fall under: Professional Grade, Industrial Grade, and Consumer Grade.


The professional grade air compressor provides a higher powered and pressurized air. They can be either design (Reciprocating or Rotary), and have the capability to run multiple air tools at once, intermittently.


Built and designed for manufacturing and industrial work, these workhorses are reliable enough to be a power source on an oil rig. They provide compressed air at a steady flow, sustained for great periods of time while enduring fluctuating surges. Only high-quality components are used in the building of these compressors, while allowing for customization for specific environments in order to increase performance as well as energy efficiency.


These air compressors are best described as a single-stage model, or pancake. Their uses are commonly to inflate tires, and run some low- load air tools such as brad guns or staplers.

Business Uses for Air Compressors

Compressed air has applications specific for small businesses and industrial, ensuring that there is efficiency in the work place. In some companies, compressed air is an energy source, powering tools and heavy equipment for a more dependable utility that is equally efficient. Even a small business is able to benefit from air compressors in order to quickly service tires, or for more demanding work like manufacturing operations.

Compressed air for Small/Mid-Sized Businesses

Since electric tools have a tendency to short out, and overheat, pneumatic tools are favored as a common application of reciprocating air compressors in small/mid-sized businesses. They are lighter in weight, and their operations are safer in general.

Because of the prominent history in the workplace of industrial and manufacturing facilities, air-powered tools have become a common utility in small businesses, especially construction companies. Just about every power tool you will find in the construction industry is made to operate on compressed air.

Some of the businesses that you will find using compressed air to deliver services are; Small Engine Service, dental services, auto service, even recreational uses utilize compressed air. In spite of the fact that creating compressed air can be costly, you ought to dependably know about the most proficient approach to have your framework give the perfect measure of compressed air at the suitable weight for the least cost. All things considered, it takes about seven or eight horsepower (hp) of electrical vitality to create one hp of compressed air vitality.

Quincy Compressor plans its item with energy proficiency and the environment in psyche and we have a few models that offer extensive reserve funds in task over traditional air compressor outlines.

Below, the most common applications for compressed air in small/medium sized businesses are provided:

  • Providing dental and medical services
  • Making snow at ski hills or for entertainment uses
  • Vehicle painting
  • Powering various air tools in an automotive repair shop
  • Sanding in woodworking or auto body shop
  • Use of pneumatic hammers and drills
  • Pneumatic nail gun
  • Sandblasting in a machine shop and manufacturing facilities
  • Use of air blowguns

Compressed Air in Industrial Settings

Within some industries, compressed air may be the only option available. There are times a power source that is non-heat producing is required, with a reliable flow. The first air compressor machine was created within the early 1800’s, whereas compressed air was in demand and has constantly increased due to certain needs of improved equipment in metal fabrication and mining industries. Today, air compressors are commonly used in all industries. It is often referred to as being a fourth utility, coming in behind water, electric, and gas.

The reliably developing interest has likewise determined progression in the designing vacuum and air compressor products. As Quincy Compressor began tasks almost 100 years prior, we outlined a couple of models of amazing responding air compressors which served clients and their different applications.

During 1970, innovation of the rotary screw was added to our product line, as a response of an increased use of compressed air for mechanical situations. Productive and dependable execution was required for the absolute most requesting applications like vitality investigation, nourishment and drink preparing and producing. Every air compressors have a similar fundamental capacity — they increment the weight and lessen the volume of a gas, similar to air. Be that as it may, all our models has been planned because of particular applications to convey an answer for creation necessities.

The best air compressors within each industry is represented by our rotary screw and reciprocating psiton air compressors. Below is a rundown that demonstrates the extensive variety of employments for mechanical measured air compressors for any application.


For gainful and beneficial cultivating activities, compressed air gives dependable execution and a minimal effort of proprietorship. Compressed air is utilized for:

  • Spraying crops
  • Powering dairy machines
  • Moving grain and feed between silos using conveyors
  • Pneumatic operation for material handling equipment
  • Glasshouse ventilation systems


Regardless if it is in plastics, refineries, metal fabrication, or assembly plants, the use of air compression systems is often the central source of power which maintains production in a business. The production is aided by:

  • Operating laundry presses and steam cleaners
  • Adjusting roller and feed machinery
  • Operating production lines with air tools
  • Welding and cutting equipment
  • Operating machinery
  • Sandblasting and finishing metal
  • Delivering chemical applications
  • Monitoring production
  • Ejection molds
  • Blowing a plastic bottle or molded gas tank
  • Performing simple tasks efficiently, including turning nuts and driving screws
  • Packaging and finishing using pneumatic devices for carton stapling, liquid padding, dry powder transporting, appliance sanding, and fluidizing
  • Increasing production efficiency with air cylinders


Maintaining a clean, dry and oil-free environment is a top priority for this industry that requires precise equipment and systems with high performance. These are the air compressor functions:

  • Maintaining pressure in holding and mixing tanks
  • Bottling and packaging
  • Moving conveyor systems
  • Spraying coatings on pharmaceuticals

Energy Exploration

With the nature of this industry, you require a power with minimal maintenance costs and repairs. Air Compressors accomplish this by:

  • Powering boiler ventilation systems
  • Compensating for turbulent sea motion
  • Controlling steam and coolant circuits valves
  • Powering pneumatic tools and equipment
  • Inserting and withdrawing reactor rods

Beverage and Food Industry

The industry of food and beverage manufacturing requires air compressor systems for a variety of tasks. Requiring a contaminate-free air that is consistent to run their never-ending operations, compressed air is utilized in these ways:

  • Filling equipment for drinks
  • Closing and checking devices
  • Packing products
  • Cooling products

Having power as compressed air gives end-users significantly more control over use and air quality since it is created nearby. Around 90 percent of all fabricating organizations utilize compressed air in their generation and plant forms in some way.

Because of the lengthy list above of the numerous jobs for an air compressor, you would already be able to figure that this utility has various highlights that make it the perfect power hotspot for a tremendous scope of uses.

Compressed Air System Supplier

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