Fire Protection Systems

Fire Protection Systems

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Fire Protection Systems

For the safety of your employees and property, investing in a fire protection system is one of the most important things you can do. If you are wondering what types of fire protection systems are available, this article will help.

What Are Fire Protection Systems?

The best possible way to defend and protect your building and its occupants from a fire is by investing in a fire protection system. A fire protection system can include sprinklers, smoke detectors, fire suppression and other protective equipment used to fight fires. 

Always work with a professional fire protection company that understands your property’s needs and offers a variety of integrated systems. Willing Service Corporation currently offers a wide range of fire protection equipment, designed specifically to keep individuals and properties safe at all times. 

What Are The Different Types Of Fire Protection Systems?

Fire protection systems can be considered either passive or active. There are currently three main types of active fire suppression systems, including fire suppression, fire sprinkler and fire detection systems. Active systems will require some sort of action in order to operate in their intended purpose. Specifically, this means being able to trigger an alarm or even release a clean suppression agent on demand. 

Passive fire protection is equally as important, yet it must be combined with active fire protection systems. Passive systems are put in place within the structure of the building. They will require no human interaction in order to operate properly. Fireproofing walls or compartmentalization of a building can prevent the spread of fire, for instance. Emergency lighting and exit signs are also considered passive fire protection systems.

How To Find The Right Fire Protection System

You’ll need both passive and active systems to protect your valuable property. However, choosing the right active system can be a difficult process. There are numerous systems to choose from and the functionality will depend on the type of property it is to be installed in. Use this list below to figure out which system works best for your needs.

1. Consider The Size And Type Of Building

Large spaces, such as a warehouse, will provide more challenges than a smaller building or apartment. Consider these factors:

  • How big is your property?
  • Are there several floors?
  • What is the layout of the property?

2. Operation And Maintenance Of The System

Fire protection services and maintenance requirements for each fire protection system will rely on specific local laws/codes and/or National Fire Protection Agency regulations. Take a look at some regulations right here. Consider these factors with your potential fire protection system:

  • Will it work 24/7?
  • What inspections are required?
  • Will it notify the authorities?

3. What Kinds Of Materials Are On Your Property?

Storage of sensitive materials like antiques and/or electronic equipment will require clean agent protection and suppression systems. Hazardous chemicals and flammable liquids, for instance, will require additional precautions. 

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