Peerless Pumps by LaBour

Peerless Pumps by LaBour

If you’re searching for Peerless Pumps by LaBour; or LaBour Pump Distributors; Willing Service sells, installs, maintains, and repairs them.  We offer sales nationwide and provide maintenance services anywhere in the Phoenix Valley.  The LaBour LVB Peerless pumps for industrial processes offers excellent durability, design, and efficiency.  Read more about what is making them the fastest growing process pump brand in the industry, country, and the world.

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Series LVB Process Pumps

The LaBour Series LVB ANSI standard peerless pumps are designed for a wide range of head and flow requirements.  These pumps meet the latest ASME and ANSI B73.1M specifications.  LaBour LVB Process Pumps combined maximum performance with high efficiency along with offering extended mean time between failure.  This adds up to lower operational costs, maintenance, and downtime.

LaBour Peerless Process Pump Quality

These LVB pumps are quality engineered, have rugged heavy-duty construction, innovative design, and a commitment to customer care and satisfaction.  It’s these characteristics of LaBour that have positioned them as the fastest growing chemical process pump manufacturer in the industry.

Construction Materials

A pump is only as good as its parts and the parts used to manufacture the LaBour LVB process pump are of the highest quality.  It is the quality of the parts that offer industrial process pump consumers the longer mean time, reliability, and value when purchasing an industrial pump.

The LVB peerless pumps are fabricated using: 316SS, R55, ductile iron, A48, 317SS, Monel, Elcomet K, Y17 and Y30, Titanium, Nickel, and Zirconium.

Peerless Pump Performance

The line of LVB process pumps can handle capacities up to 4,500 gallons per minute and the heads up to 730 feet TDH. 

3550 RPM Peerless Pumps

3500 RMP Peerless Pump Performance Chart

1750 RPM Peerless Pumps

1750 RMP Peerless Pump Performance Chart

1150 RPM Peerless Pumps

1150 RMP Peerless Pump Performance chart

LaBour Peerless Process Pump Designs

Depending on your industrial process pump need you can choose between the vertical and horizontal process pump designs.  Vertical peerless process pumps are ideal for a wide range of applications from process liquids to water or even materials in a molten state.  Horizontal peerless process pumps are great for a range of circulation transfer and process applications which are designed to accommodate a wide range of types of water, liquids, and even acids.  

Vertical Peerless Pumps
Horizontal Peerless Pumps

LaBour LVB Peerless Pump Construction

Every element of the LaBour LVB series peerless process pumps are designed, fabricated, and assembled to last as long as possible.  The materials used, tolerances, and layout of the vertical and horizontal designs are all crafted for durability and ultimate efficiency. When you choose to purchase a peerless pump from Willing Service you’re choosing the quality of LaBour along with the excellent customer service experience we always provide!

LaBour Peerless Pump Process Pumps

Pump Casing

The LBV line offers self venting caps, and centerline discharge that has a fully confined gasket. The pull out design is heavy duty along with the casing having a 150 lbs flange standard.  There are also both RF and FF 300 lbs classes available.

Casing Durability Extenders

The LVB line offers a removable, replaceable plate which protects the casing from wear during operation.  It is available in wear resistant materials such as A48.  The casing wear extender is sealed from liquid on the outside diameter. An o-ring and gasket protect it at the suction joint.  It is secured by studs and in provided with jack bolts so it is easy to remove for maintenance.  The case wear extender is available for some MTP sizes and all XLTP series LVB peerless pumps.

Impeller Design

The LVB line of peerless pumps have a fully open design.  This significantly reduces clogging in the process pumps.  An integral back pump reduces stuffing box pressure with pump out vanes. This feature prolongs the mechanical life of the seal and the durability of the impeller.  The pump casings are matched to the impellers to ensure high efficiency and low NPSH.  The casings are sealed with Teflon O-rings to provide corrosion protection.  Every impeller is dynamically balanced and may be purchased with the keyed and bolted designs.

Bearing Frame Design

The bearing frame on these peerless pumps feature heavy duty cast iron, or ductile iron on STP frame sizes.  These are designed to have enlarged oil reservoirs that aid in superior head dissipation.  The units feature bulls-eye sight glass that allows easy monitoring.  The VBX bearing isolator labyrinth by Inpro seals the design.  This design is good for both dynamic and static sealing by utilizing contact technology which positively seals during shutdown, but functions without contact during operation.

Dowel pins are planed between frame and adapts to ensure alignment in the bearing assembly.  All units are available with water cooling that have corrosion resistant fin tube heat exchangers.  This helps promote maximum oil protection even at high temperatures.  The STP, LTP, AND MTP pumps feature standard C Face flanges which accommodate C Face motors.  This Is done to eliminate alignment problems between the bearing frame and the motor.  The bearing frames also feature bosses for temperature and vibration monitoring devices.

Bearing Design

The inboard bearing is a single row and deep grove design.  This bearing design is designed to carry only a radial load which is pressed on the shaft.  It floats axially and free in the frame.  The outboard bearing is double rowed and deep grooved.  It is locked onto the shaft with a washer and lock nut and then secured by a snap ring in the housing.  The outboard bearing handle radial and unbalanced thrust loads. Precision manufacturing ensures that the bearings and meet or exceed minimum ANSI L10 of 17,500 hours of operation.

Shaft Design

The LVB peerless process pump shaft design is available with in solid shaft construction or with sleeve shaft construction.   If you choose as shaft sleeve it is a renewable shaft sleeve which is positively drive.  It is a hoot type that has a free end that allows for expansion to compensate for high temperatures. Leakage is controlled by a Teflon O-ring which is under the sleeve.

Frame Adapter Design

The frame adapter is made from ductile iron that offers increased safety, strength, and durability. It is fully machined rabbet fit that seals the stuffing/chamber box cover.  These adapters come in 6 inch and 8 inch STP sizes and work seamlessly with the bearing frame.

Seal Stuffing/Chamber Box Cover Design

There are three options for box cover designs which all meet the most recent ANSI specifications. Self-venting and draining boar seal taper chambers are available on all sizes.  Standard bore stuffing box covers which accommodate both packing and self venting seals. Large bore seal chambers are available with all pumps that are furnished with mechanical seals.

Purchase Peerless Pumps by LaBour

If you’re interested in purchasing a peerless pump by LaBour for your industrial process pump needs, Willing Service offers affordable pricing, excellent customer service, and shipping anywhere in the United States.  LaBour LVB pumps come with a 3 year manufacture’s warranty, so you can purchase with peace of mind that your process pump will run reliably and serve your industrial process pump needs.  For more information about matching your needs with a model of LaBour LVB Peerless Pump, please call us at (602) 246-6940