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Are you searching the internet for “FS Curtis Air Compressor Dealers” or “FS Curtis Distributors” while looking for industrial air compressors for sale? If so, Willing Service Corporation can help! See below for FS Curtis compressed air equipment we sell. 

Reliable Industrial Air Compressors 


FS-Curtis’ is well-known for reliable industrial air compressors. There selection process begins with the use of quality components made for long-term use under the toughest working conditions. The rigid base of the compressor includes built-in slots for forklifts to reduce the risks of damage. Add in the selection of components, such as high-efficiency motors (up to 200 HP), large sized airends and coolers, and it’s easy to understand why the RS Series compressors have earned a great reputation for performance and durability.

RS Series Compressor Features 


RS Series Compressors are built with the highest levels of performance and reliability in mind.

  • Superior durable – handles even the most challenging applications
  • High-efficiency filtration and separation for long life

Designed for high efficiency.

  • Exclusive low-speed airend profile provides higher air delivery while lessening power consumption
  • Proven technology for pressure stability and power savings in all demand loads

Robust design provides maximum uptime.

  • Open design provides easier access to all components
    — no need to remove brackets or panels
  • Leak-Free and Rugged design

Flexibility to meet all of your specific needs.

  • Open design provides flexibility for meeting or exceeding the needs of your unique applications
  • Huge range of factory options to fit your individual application needs

More Control Of Your Application


Display includes sump and discharge pressure gauges, hour meter, temperature gauge,  dual high oil/air temperature shutdown switches with indication light, stop-start buttons, optional timed dual control switch, unload/load switch, standby light, power on light and optional PSID indicators.

Advanced microprocessor incorporates an easy to use logic which monitors the working conditions and parameters of the compressor. The display includes sump pressure, discharge pressure, operating temperature and load/run hours. Service advisories include oil filter, air filter, separator and oil. Warning indicators include high temperature, high separator differential pressure and blocked air filter.

Control enclosure is located with hinged access door. Thermo overload protection is built-in across the line magnetic starters which ensures a long motor life. 120 volt control circuit w/ fused protection is given for safe operation. Standard NEMA 1 control panel comes C.U.L. and U.L. listed with electrical components C.S.A. and U.L. approved. Wye-Delta Starters come standard on 125 – 300 HP compressors.

Standard Features Include:


The RS Series air compressor standard features to provide compressor solutions for many applications. Our standard compressor features include:

  • Intake Filter (Heavy Duty)
  • Highly Efficient Airend
  • Up to 200HP NEMA Premium Motors 
  • Times Dual Control W/ Modulation
  • Control Voltage: 120V
  • Oil Separation System (Multi-Stage)
  • Oil Filter (Heavy Duty) W/ Bypass
  • Sight Glass Oil Level 
  • Mixing 3 Way Oil Thermostat
  • Side-by-Side Air Aftercooler/ Air Cooled
  • Rigid Base With Slots For Forklifts
  • Safety Systems (Multi-Level)
  • Pressure Relief Valve 
  • Synthetic Oil (Factory-Filled)

Optional Features Include:


The RS Series air compressor gives you the options and flexibility to configure your compressors specifically to your needs. Optional compressor features include:

  • Water Cooled
  • VFD
  • Quiet Enclosure
  • Alternative Voltages (50Hz, 60Hz, 575V, 60Hz, 50Hz)
  • Microprocessor Control Airtron™ 
  • NEMA 4 Control Panel
  • TEFC Motors
  • Solid-State Soft Starter
  • Y/D starter (standard for 125-300HP)
  • Differential Pressure Gauges for Oil, Air and Separator Filters
  • Drain Trap and Moisture Separator

Technical Specifications


FS Curtis Air Compressor Specifications

Willing Service Corporation is an authorized FS Curtis Air Compressor Dealer in Arizona. For purchase inquiries, please give us a call today at (602) 246-6940

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Are you searching the internet for “FS Curtis Air Compressor Dealers” while looking for industrial air compressors for sale? If so, Willing Service Corporation can help! See below for FS Curtis compressed air equipment we sell.